The Jungle Nation – In Development

The story of an enduring music scene born in the UK,  that represented the coming of age for multiculturalism in Britain. Told by the people who started it, dedicated their lives to it and cultivated the culture that surrounded it.

As Original Junglists celebrate thirty years of the UK’s strongest underground scene, contemporary artists are continually updating it and bringing it once again to the mainstream, while the Superstar DJ’s sell out the biggest arenas. The Jungle Nation is alive and well in 2023. 

Lead by interviews with the founders, seminal producers, legendary DJ’s and MC’s of the scene, we’ll tell the story of Jungle from its origins, right through to today. Exploring the social and political contexts, while getting insights and fresh perspectives on the scene’s longevity. Looking at the creative and entrepreneurial subcultures, the fashion, the art and the media platforms of the time that flourished around a dedicated fan base living in the tail end of the millennium, before the internet had really taken over everyday life. 

Often overlooked when documenting the scene is the female influence, from the first ladies of DnB Kemsitry and Storm, DJ Rap and MC Tali to contemporaries like BBC Radio 1’s Charlie Tee and the MOBO winning Nia Archives. A unique element to the film will also be exploring the point of view from ‘The Ravers’, the fans who will evoke the nostalgia and experience of young people in the late 80s and 90s, who travelled far and wide to hear the music as well as giving insight to current youth culture. 

With a wealth of exclusive archives, scenes of actuality with artists and ravers in 2023, as well as animated sequences that will bring to life anecdotal stories of bygone places, like queuing behind Grooverider at the Dubplate house or photographic essays of raver’s journeys to legendary venues and events, we will bring to life this unique scene. Using the energy and vibe of the music throughout, to create a documentary that will have you out of your seat…“Junglists are you ready?”

Written and directed and produced by Will Thorne

Produced by Mark Lacey

Exec Produced by Yemi Bamiro