About Us

Our focus is creating original I.P. content produced nationally or via international co-productions for a global audience.

What we can bring to the table is our experience in filmmaking and complex project management. We want to work with first-time filmmakers and producers in getting their projects off the ground. Formulating basic principles can help production go a long way. Using business jargon can make any creative shudder, but the old adage is you can’t have showbusiness without business goes a long way (are you shuddering right now?).

Ultimately, we never want to lose sight of the vision. It’s up to you what your goals are for the films you want to make. You might want to make the least commercial film possible, only seen by an incredible niche market. You might want to go on to direct a huge franchise. We will never want to stifle your ambitions either way and want to ensure you adopt some business-savvy practices in mutually supporting each other’s goal.

Who is behind Hentucky?

Ivan Madeira – Founder

Recently hailed by the Toronto Star as part of the Reelworld festival “the next big names of tomorrow” Ivan Madeira’s debut feature PATTERN (2022) has played at Reelworld where won Outstanding Feature Film Producer. The film played at the Montreal International Black Film Festival, and British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) where it was nominated for Best Film. It now resides on curated festival film platform Highball TV, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Youtube (Free with Ads) and Future Today.

Ivan started Hentucky in 2009, with his first dramatic short film GROW UP (2011) becoming his entry into the scene. Organisation CALM officially supported the film, which led it to be featured at BUFF, Cannes Short Film Corner, several other festivals and on UK television (BBC iPlayer, Together TV).  He went on to direct several other shorts and documentaries featuring in festivals and distributed on Apple TV and Bohemian Europhia as well as music video campaigns for charities including VSO and Ricefield Collective. 

Ivan is a member of The Directors Guild Canada, Canadian Media Producers Association, The Canadian Academy and The Directors UK (Associated Member). 

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Photo by George Harris