About Us

We are a film, tv & online production company focused on creating original content

What that means to Hentucky Productions is we are fairly selective on what we want to work on. Buying into the story is key to our identity and why we exist. This could range from a dark drama, to a children’s adventure film. As long as we truly believe in it, then we’re willing to put our all into it.

What we can bring to the table is our experience in filmmaking and complex project management. We want to work with first time filmmakers and producers in getting their projects off the ground. Formulating basic principles can help production go a long way. Using business jargon can make any creative shudder, but the old adage is you can’t have showbusiness without business goes a long way (are you shuddering right now?).

Ultimately, we never want to lose sight of the vision. It’s up to you in what your goals are for the films you want to make. You might want to make the least commercial film possible, only seen by an incredibly niche market. You might want to go on to direct a huge franchise. We will never want to stifle your ambitions either way and want to ensure you adopt some business savvy practices in mutually supporting each others goal.

Our History

Flyer from when Ivan Madeira aka DJ Kingpin played at Ministry of Sound

Hentucky Productions was founded in 2009 by Ivan Madeira. He started his creative life as a DJ playing at Ministry of SoundScala and Supreme FM as particular highlights. He went on to co-found band Kid Karoshi with two university friends. He was a co-producer and keyboardist with and their debut EP featured on BBC 6 Music. Soon after this Ivan realised filmmaking was the ultimate to tell the stories that were stuck in him.

A behind the scenes shot of Joe Boswell who plays Young Charlie on Grow Up

The first dramatic short film – that he wrote, directed and produced – Grow Up (2011) became his gateway to filmmaking. Organisation CALM officially supported the film, which led it being featured at the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF), Cannes Short Film Corner, several other festivals and on UK television. He went on to write and direct several other shorts, documentaries, music videos and in particular campaigns for charities including VSO and Ricefield Collective.  Ivan’s last short Child in Their Eyes, featured in Shorts in the South (BFI Film Audience Network) and BUFF 2016.

He has grown Hentucky and has started to collaborate with other production companies. Notable In 2018/9 he Executive Produced Lifelike with Passenger Films and Fenêtre Sur Le Monde. The film has been supported by Telefilm Short On Talent at Cannes 2019,  and is currently making it’s way at the festival circuit.

When the film and DJ world meets. DJ Kingpin plays at Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s debut film “Farming” at the TIFF 2018 Premiere afterparty

Coming from over 13 years leading technology change initatives as a Programme and Project Manager for brands including VSO, Paramount Commerce, NCS, Toronto Public Library, Department of Health (UK), Airbnb, Amensty International, Nextdoor and Shelter UK; he takes this experience which feeds into all aspects of film production. As he’s come from a non-film school background, he is passionate in sharing his journey with the next generation of filmmakers.

GUT Film Programme Premiere

He co-founded and directed an education film programme GUTFilm for 6-11 year olds. Over the course of 3 months, 2 groups of students wrote, shot, edited and a red carpet premier in front of several hundred parents and students two comedy/drama films about the transition from primary to school. Using industry software and equipment, we didn’t try to water it down for the particpants. The course included guest tutor Jonathan Glazer who directed critically films Sexy Beast, Birth and Under the Skin. 

The original Hentucky logo featured on the first mixtapes and events from 2004

Hentucky originally starting out as a mixtape, turning into a charity night raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust to becoming a Film & TV production company since 2009 has been a journey… to say the least. But combining his creative passions with his business knowledge, it’s all helping to shape and grow Hentucky to produce content he cares abouts.

Pattern Writer & Director Ivan Madeira on set with leads Al St Louis & Lisa Michelle Corneulis

Currently, Ivan is developing several features with Pattern being his debut feature, which is in production.