A Thousand Cranes

A global exposé of Nuclear Weapons Testing 

A feature documentary in production. Directed by Daniel Everitt-Lock. Produced by Daniel Everitt-Lock, Rodrigo Borda. Executive Producers: Ivan Madeira, Catherine Legge. Completion 2024

A Thousand Cranes takes a poignant look into the affected communities of nuclear weapons testing on a global scale. Through powerful first-hand accounts from around the world, and following the journey of Alan Owen, a descendant of an atomic veteran, we discover the indelible mark that government testing programs have left on humanity. 

Director’s Vision – Daniel Everitt-Lock

“I first learned of this subject back in 2017, when I came across a short doc by Morgan Knibbe. The harrowing stories of Atomic Soldiers that experienced these bombs firsthand, were not only profound to me, but were also completely new! I had never been told or educated of this subject, even through learning about the Cold War in my school days. After speaking with many family and friends, this became an apparent pattern with everyone I spoke to.

After meeting Alan Owen, with the intention of making our own tale of the Atomic Soldiers, we learned just how far the rabbit hole goes, and it was something that I couldn’t ignore. It was one thing to do a story about the soldiers, and another entirely to connect the dots and create a world view, that gives us the full story.

The secrecy and mystery around this matter, is something that needs to be lifted, not only for transparency with the public, but also for the compensation and recognition of those who have been so deeply affected.” 

As I have told everyone of our subjects, who have all been so inviting and supportive; We can’t help you with the issues you are facing today, but we can put the issue in front of people that can. Shows such as ITV’s ‘Alan Bates vs The Post Office’ shows us the power that the public has in making a difference on matters of great injustice brought on by governmental powers. What we have here, is not only one of the greatest injustices in British history, but also one of the biggest deceptions in world history.

To quote former President Bill Clinton in his public address, apologizing on behalf of the United States Government regarding human radiation testing; “While most of the tests were ethical by todays standards, some were unethical, not only by todays standards, but by the standards of the times that they were conducted. They failed both the tests of our national values, and of humanity.”