A feature documentary in production. Directed by Daniel Everitt-Lock. Produced by Ivan Madeira, Daniel Everitt-Lock, Rodrigo Borda. Completion 2024

“6 years ago I was first introduced to the Vice Short Documentary ‘What a Nuclear Bomb Explosion feels like’. The harrowing descriptions of what these people experienced left a permanent itch to discover more on a subject so powerful to me, yet for some reason, so minimally covered by the media. Once myself and my team started our journey, we discovered the rabbit hole goes far deeper than we could of possibly known… Daniel Everitt-Lock, Director & Co-Producer

Behind the Scenes of an interview for ‘A Thousand Cranes’

Why the title, ‘A Thousand Cranes’?

While on our journey, we were constantly finding origami paper cranes in our subjects homes. Huge collections of them! Finally we had to ask why everyone had them…

Sadako Sasaki, a survivor of the atomic blast of Hiroshima. She was only 2 years old when the bomb hit. At age 10, she developed leukaemia due to the radiation, that would eventually take her life at age 12…

In her two years in hospital, she learned of the story of ‘A Thousand Paper Cranes’, an old Japanese fable that says whoever can fold 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish. She went onto fold as many cranes as she could from any scraps of paper she could find. Before her death she managed to fold over 1300 paper cranes. 

“I will write Peace on your wings, and you will fly all over the World.” – Sadako Sasaki 

Sadako’s wish was one of Peace. The Paper Crane has become a symbol of Peace for the world ever since.

Myself and our team have spent the last year researching and reaching out to first-hand victims and scientists of the effects of Nuclear Weapons Testing. We broke these people down into 5 categories; Atomic Veterans, Hibakusha (survivors of the blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki), Uranium Minors, Downwinders, and the Marshallese, to create a global perspective of the entire issue.

 To date we have interviewed 36 people across the UK and USA, including Hawaii, we have driven over 18,000km’s, and we have been graciously accepted into communities within the Spokane Tribe and by the Enewetak Elders of the Marshall Islands.

As we have learnt from our journey so far, the effects of Nuclear Weapons Testing have impacted millions of people throughout the world (and even to a low level, you and I!) The audience this subject matter is shown, is minimal, as multiple governments hope to keep these issues away from public attention due to the atrocities they are responsible for. We are aiming to change that! Multiple documentaries have been made on individual elements of what we are covering, but nothing has been made on a global scale, something that takes in the true impact the Nuclear Age has had on the world.

Millions of people are still suffering today, with minimal or no compensation, without apologies or acknowledgment. With your help, we can make a change. We can show governments that they cannot get away with such poor treatment of their own citizens and we can positively impact the current discussions on compensation for communities across the globe.

The Cold War may have seen no conflict between borders, but it became a limited Nuclear War that affected millions across the world, and was not just confined to the USA and Russia.

From our time in Hawaii with the Marshallese Community. A daughter of the former King of the Marshall Islands.

Here are a selection of the 36 interviews we have shot so far