PATTERN (2020) | Drama, Family

5 months after the maternal death of his partner, a man is at a crossroads at how to raise their baby.


It’s 5 months after the death of his partner Mia due to post-birth complications. As the initial fog of grief starts to lift, Mia’s partner Curtis is at a crossroads of how he wants to raise their daughter Maria. His family have been helping him, but he’s starting to feel trapped. He starts to push his family away and becomes more and more recluse. He turns his home into his sanctuary.

Sleep-deprived and isolated from the world, it’s just him and Maria in their downtown city condo. He works remotely, rarely coming into the office as the Head of Software Design for a small tech startup. He becomes more obsessed with the car modification forum he moderates, further buying expensive things for his car that he cannot afford. It’s his escape. He does this all whilst looking after Maria.

Things soon start to fall apart around him. His job is at risk as the project he’s in charge of starts to crash-dive. His relationship with his mother and mother-in-law becomes more fractured. He’s trying to be a good Dad, but he’s starting to lose himself. He’s struggling. He feels like he’s lost his voice.

All he wants is Mia back in his life so that they can raise their daughter together, as they both dreamt of it. But as reality starts to creep in, will he even be able to take care of himself?