"There is a theory according to Mr. Booker that there are only seven basic plots in the whole world. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t we have died by boredom already? What keeps our interest is the perspectives that can bring a seemingly old tale to life, and stop us from falling asleep at the dinner table.

This is why I started Hentucky Productions. I want to produce films that told stories I felt weren’t being fully represented. I wanted to tell stories that had a purpose that made you stop and think, but importantly that also entertained you. Sometimes you might be laughing than stroking your chin, or you might want to think WTF did I watch and need to have a cold shower, or you might just walk away with a warm feeling in your heart.

Regardless, I want to leave you feeling something. If that happens, then that’s fried gold right there."

Ivan Madeira - Founder

What we’re in to

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