Action Comedy Feature

A platoon leader has to get him and his team out of an impossible situation – in a dangerous drug cartel’s warehouse – caused by a reckless and unstable member on his own team.


  • Synopsis - Completed
  • Taster - Completed
  • 14 Page Initial Script & Storyboard - Complete
  • SEEKING: Executive Producer to join the team


Jay Santos – leader of an elite commando platoon – and his team have to take down Reyes and his drug cartel through a stealth operation entitled “Operation Thunder”. This was foiled due to the fact that Mendoza – one of Santos’ own men – recklessly tried to single handedly take on the cartel. Mendoza and Santos end up being stuck in Reyes’ warehouse together, as Reyes’ men are slowly surrounding them. Mendoza runs and leaves Santos behind, to pursue his death wish in killing Reyes and all his men. Santos has to stealthily protect Mendoza whilst taking care of business, by killing Reyes and all his men.