We are a film, tv & online production company focused on creating original content.

What that means to Hentucky Productions is we are fairly selective on what we want to work on. Buying into the story is key to our identity and why we exist. This could range from a dark drama, to a children’s adventure film. As long as we truly believe in it, then we’re willing to put our all into it.

The content we produce is achieved by using the Hentucky team and our regular collaborators. We believe in collaboration and co-productions and are open to meeting and working with new xcollabs, on a project by project basis. As long as we believe in your story, and we can find a way where we can work together, then we’re more than willing to get behind it. There’s always new talent waiting to get their chance, and we always are on the look. We don’t want to get too comfortable, stale and mediocre.

What we can bring to the table is our experience in filmmaking and complex project management. We want to work with first time filmmakers and producers in getting their projects off the ground. Formulating basic principles can help production go a long way. Using business jargon can make any creative shudder, but the old adage is you can’t have showbusiness without business goes a long way (you’re shuddering right now?).

Ultimately, we never want to strip away your vision and ‘sell-out’ to make some money. It’s up to you in what your goals are for the films you want to make. You might want to make the least commercial film possible, only seen by an incredibly niche market. You might want to go on to direct a huge franchise. We will never want to stifle your ambitions either way and want to ensure you adopt some business savvy practices in mutually supporting your goal and ours.

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