We are a film production consultancy that creates original Film, TV and Online Content. We provide strategic production advice to help new filmmakers start their journey on the right foot.
We want to produce films that tell stories we felt weren’t being fully represented. We want to tell stories that have a purpose, make you stop and think, and most importantly entertain. Whether you laugh, cry, stroke your chin and think WTF did I just watch, we want you to leave with feeling something. If that happens, then that’s fried gold right there.

After several years of managing and working with incredibly complex multi-million pound/dollar technology and business change implementations, the penny finally dropped. We saw there were huge crossovers between this world no-budget films we were making in our spare time. We want to combine both skills to work with new, untested, talented filmmakers stuck in a catch 22 situation. We want to help identify a business strategy that will help articulate YOUR vision by creating a solid foundation and plan. If you want to self-fund or pitch to a producer, we want to make sure you have the confidence and the right plan to make everything seem much more manageable.

You can never fully predict the future, and plans can change very quickly. All we want to do is empower you to help make the right decisions. Filmmaking requires teamwork, collaboration, and compromise, and importantly you must always be clear in what story you want to tell. Never lose that.

Original Content

When it comes to original content we are fairly selective on what we want to work on. Buying into the story is key to our identity and why we exist. This could range from a dark drama, to a light family comedy. As long as we truly believe in it, then we’re willing to put our all into it.

Our original content is written, produced and directed using the Hentucky team or our regular collaborators.

 Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to create a story that blows us away. We believe in collaboration and co-productions and are open to meeting and working with new xcollabs, on a project by project basis. As long as we believe in your story, and we can find a way where we can work together, then we’re more than willing to get behind it. There’s always new talent waiting to get their chance, and we always are on the look. We don’t want to get too comfortable, stale and mediorce.


Business Case

Help develop the documentation to understand why you’re doing your project. Jargon alert galore with ROI’s, Risk Registers, Market Analysis.


We will help you put together a high-level budget, particularly when approaching producers.

Project Planning

Understanding your needs against available resource and monies to put together a legitimate end to end timeline. We can do an incredibly detailed Gantt chart if you’re feeling fancy, or a high-level presentation deck.


High-level story consulting services.

Resource Scheduling

Managing and budgeting for resources need careful consideration. We aim to identify the team you need based on your project.

Marketing (& Festival) Strategy

Working out together to put an actionable plan of how to market your film. Marketing starts at the beginning, and not at the end. This includes big considerations for entering the film festival circuit.

If you’ve shot first and asked questions later, have you looked back and asked yourself

“how could I have done this better?”

With the advent of technological advances people – including ourselves – have taken to a DIY approach. Rather than trying to navigate the system, people want to try and break the rules to get their voice heard. Being a “disrupter” sounds leather jacket cool, but no matter how much of a rebel you are there are some fundamental rules you should always consider.

Taking our experience within filmmaking and complex project management, we want to help first time filmmakers and producers with their projects. Some basic principles can help a production go a long way. Using business jargon can made any creative shudder, but the old adage is you can’t have showbusiness without business goes a long way (you’re shuddering right now?).

When we started out, we totally were failing forward (or backwards mainly). Having a track record is the ultimate catch-22 that stops you from applying to grants, finding a producer and raising money. You put in your own cash, you make your film and then no one sees it. It’s utterly disheartening.

If you’re an independent filmmaker, then our consulting services are aimed at you. We want to be an affordable and a worthwhile investment. It’s expensive making films, but with a small investment upfront, we want to help you in creating the foundation that you can build your project(s) on. As you meet producers, executive producers, actors, writers, cinematographers; everyone will have their own say. Our services are designed to give you that starting point you can build on, as you build your team. It’s all about giving you more confidence as a filmmaker AND a business person.

Finally, we never want to strip away your vision and ‘sell out’ to make some money. It’s up to you ultimately in what your goals are for the films you want to make. You might want to make the least commercial film possible, only seen by an incredibly niche market. You might want to go on to direct a huge francise. We will never want to stifle your ambitions either way. Regardless, it doesn’t mean you can still adopt some business savvy ideas to support you along the way.