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The Story

Francis is a 20-something, second generation immigrant, of Filipino and Scottish parentage, who has lived the life that has been expected of him since he can remember.

Seemingly sat on someone else’s conveyor belt of life, he has experienced all their defining moments – first day of school, teenage lust, first drink, university, first love, broken heart, graduation, unemployment, temp job, going travelling, long term relationship, promotion, permanent job, oversized deposit for a tiny flat in London. Yet none of these moments have defined him.

As Francis rinses and repeats the contemporary London lifestyle formula, he drifts further from his roots and away from the Filipino half of his identity. Finally at his breaking point, Francis feels the ‘kick inside’, quits his job, leaves his girlfriend and stable life in London and sets off on a journey of self discovery to the Mountain Province of the Philippines that he has not seen since he was a child.

Desperately in search of his own identity, Francis acquaints himself with his beautiful Filipino surroundings and his long lost family, and before he knows it, is settling into a new routine. Caught between his own search for self, family conflicts, and the inevitability of being an outsider in a place he has always considered home, Francis is forced to confront the contradictions that lie at the heart of his personal and cultural heritages.

Agreed Cast & Crew – Moj Taylor

Moj Taylor is an actor, stand up comedian and public speaker who graduated in screen acting from the Drama Centre London. His first acting role came on the stage in Savages, at The Royal Court in 2006. After graduating in 2011, Moj won an Edinburgh Fringe First and Total Theatre for Innovation Award, for You Once Said Yes. His recent acting credits include appearances in The Dark Knight Rises and BBC's Episodes.

Agreed Cast & Crew – Genna Foden

Genna gained both a NC and HNC in Performance, before training at one of the worlds best drama schools, the highly prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama. She has worked in a wide variety of Film, Theatre and Television, including productions for the BBC and Soho Theatre. Genna played the lead role in Naughty Little Angels which premiered at Bafta last year and has also featured in 10 episodes of TV show Persona.

Agreed Cast & Crew – William Whitfield

William is an up and coming screenwriter and frequent collaborator with Ivan Madeira and Hentucky Productions. He co-wrote The Kick Inside and Invisible Arm, as well as Underwear, and contributed heavily to Can’t Get Past, both from the identity trilogy. William is currently working on a self penned graphic novel, an online comedy series and a dramatic short about boxing.

The Identity Trilogy

The identity trilogy is the precursor to The Kick Inside, which will take the core themes of the trilogy and explore them as a full length dramatic feature.

These shorts tackle the 3 ideas around the struggle of identity, which are integral to The Kick Inside; Losing yourself through the routines of life, identity confusion through mixed heritage and the single minded pursuit of identity, versus the impact it has on the people you love.

Grow Up

Grow Up - Trailer (Out 2011) from Ivan Madeira on Vimeo.

A comedy drama following Charlie, and his misadventures in early adult life. Grow Up focuses on losing sight of ambitions and goals in modernity. Spanning 20 years of key moments of Charlie‘s youth, we see how he has naturally fallen into a monotonous routine, which bears no semblance to the life he imagined for himself as a youth. Now, supposedly an adult, Charlie wrestles with the timeless question: What do you want to be when you Grow Up? (Screenings: 64th Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, 2011 London Independent Film Festival, 19th Ozu Film Festival, 2012 British Urban Film Festival)

Can’t Get Past

Can't Get Past - 18 Years On from Ivan Madeira on Vimeo.

A narrative short that trawls the depths Ivan Madeira’s mind as he struggles with a sense of being displaced. Ivan humorously shares glimpses of his own personal experiences growing up in multi-cultural London, as a second generation immigrant. Using a combination of photo animation, humour and docudrama storytelling, Ivan explores the question; “who really am I?” against the context of his mixed heritage in multi-cultural Britain. (Screenings: 2012 Reelgate Film Festival)


Underwear - Trailer from Ivan Madeira on Vimeo.

A dramatic short that focuses on the key moments in a couple’s relationship that aren’t as they initially seem. Underwear is the final part of the identity trilogy, combining the themes of the two previous films within the setting of a post modern London relationship. Francis realises he’s unhappy with his staid life, his soulless job and the overly meticulous ways of his girlfriend. Impulsively deciding to search for more out of life, what cost will his journey of self discovery bring? (Screenings: 2012 Reelgate Film Festival)

About the Film Maker

Ivan Madeira was born in South London in 1983. Having originally studied engineering at Brunel University, filmmaking had never been one of his aspirations. However, from having an epiphany in October 2009 until the present day, he has relentlessly taught himself everything required to excel at filmmaking; from scriptwriting, to directing, editing, and scoring soundtrack.

Ivan realised his first project, the short film Grow Up in 2010, joining forces with former schoolmate and now established RADA and Brit school actor Cary Crankson.

Spurred on by Grow Up’s screening at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, Ivan co-wrote and directed two further short films under the Identity Trilogy banner; Can’t Get Past and Underwear, both of which premiered at the 2012 Reelgate International Film Festival in the UK and Philippines.

Further film credits include, Directing Invisible Arm for the 2012 Sci-Fi London 48 hour film challenge and Director of Photography on Love Regardless, a documentary on multi-cultural relationships.

Ivan has supplemented his film work with other visual projects, directing music videos for a number of upcoming UK bands including, The JayBees, Atlas and Kid Karoshi, alongside performance pieces for international performers such as Chivaree, interviews for CALMZone mental health charity and VSO Charity.

Videos of his work can be found at

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