Family Drama

A frustrated office worker quits his staid life in London and embarks on a journey of self discovery to his homeland, the Philippines.


  • Script - Completed
  • SEEKING: Executive Producer to join the team

The Story

Francis is a 20-something, second generation immgrant, of Filipino and Scottish parentage, who has lived the life that has been expected of him since he can remember.


Seemingly sat on someone else’s conveyor belt of life, he has experienced all their defining moments:

First day of school

As Francis rinses and repeats the contemporary London lifestyle formula, he drifts further from his roots and away from the Filipino half of his identity. Finally at his breaking point, Francis feels the ‘kick inside’, quits his job, leaves his girlfriend and stable life in London and sets off on a journey of discovery to the Mountain Province of the Philippines. He hasn’t been there since hew as a child.

Desperately in search of his own identity, Francis acquaints himself with his beautiful Filipino surroundings and his long lost family. Before he knows it, is settling into a new routine. Caught between his own search for self, family conflicts, and the inevitability of being an outsider in a place he has always considered home, Francis is forced to confront the contradictions that lie at the heart of his personal and cultural hetritages.