PATTERN (2020) | Drama, Family

5 months after the maternal death of his partner, a man is at a crossroads at how to raise their baby.

SUNRISE  | Music, Family, Drama

As the illegal rave scene of the 1980s invades the English countryside, golden girl Celia has a new teenage dream. Just don’t tell the parents.

SIBLINGS  | Children’s Fantasy Adventure

A young programming genius and her football mad brother go on a mission to stop a powerful social media company from using her stolen code for their sinister goals. 

THE KICK INSIDE  | Coming Of Age Drama

A frustrated office worker quits his staid life in London and embarks on a journey of self discovery to his maternal homeland, the Philippines.

CHILD IN THEIR EYES | Music, Drama, Thriller

A talented but tenacious young social media sensation signs a record deal with a prestigious label, and is determined making an impact with her debut album, no matter the cost.

ZERO  | Action 

A leader of a commando unit is put in an impossible situation when his power-hungry lieutenant unexpectedly leaves the platoon having to go against the most powerful drug cartel in the country.